Harris County Deputies Association
Houston Police Officers Union
Fraternal Order of Police Officers
Conservative Republicans of Harris County
Texas Conservative Review
P.O.L.I.C.E. Inc.
Houston Realty Business Coalition
C Club
Spring Branch Republicans
Houston Tea Party
Kingwood Tea Party

Dr. Steven Hotze, Hotze Health and Wellness Center, Conservative Republicans of Harris County
Gary Polland, (former Harris County Republican Party Chairman and Host of PBS’s Red White and Blue Program)
Jared Woodfill, Harris County Republican Party Chairman
Bert Keller, C Club 2012 President
Danny Nguyen, Missouri City Council Member At Large, Chairman & Founder of the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce Houston
Daniel McCool – Former Candidate for Texas Senate District 11
Betty Boren Avery, Military Partnership Committee Chairman – Harris County Republican Party

Patriot Statesman Network, Richard Dillon & Bill Kneer
Big Jolly Politics, David Jennings
Harris County Conservative Politics, Alvin Walker
Texas GOP Vote – Bob Price

Jeff Yates, Former Executive Director of the HCRP & 2012 Victory Plan Director
Elizabeth Blakemore
Allen Blakemore
Spencer Neumann

Dr. Jim Doremus, Pastor, Memorial Drive Baptist Church
Bonnie Lugo, State Republican Executive Committee, Senatorial District 13, Precinct Chair 223
Norma Jeter, TTPRW VP and Communications
Harold Heuszel, Primary Candidate for Harris County Sheriff

Bryan Coleman, Precinct Chair 003
Richard Dillon, Precinct Chair 496
Bill Kneer, Precinct Chair 593
Dee Carroll, Precinct Chair 728
Stuart Mayper, Precinct Chair 492
John McReynolds, Precinct Chair 445
Joseph McReynolds, Precinct Chair 730
Mike Monks, Precinct Chair 175
Pat Monks, Precinct Chair 178
Erich W. Wolz, Precinct Chair 255
Elizabeth Perez, Precinct Chair 329
Montie Watkins, SREC SD 15
Ned Watkins, SD 15 Chair
Karen Weiss, Precinct Chair 190
Betty Avery, Precinct Chair 398
Rhonda Smith, Precinct Chair 28
Greg Aydt, Precinct Chair 333
Craig Hagedorn, Precinct Chair 438
Robert Westover, Precinct Chair 563
Stephen G. Sherman, Precinct Chair 487
Burt Levine, Former Young Republicans VP
Hal Elrod
Martin D. Beirne, Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, L.L.P.
James B. Edwards, Edwards and Stephens
James R. Edwards, Edwards and Stephens
Andrew Stepanian, General Counsel, Silver Eagle Distributors, LP
Hicks Thomas, LLP
John Thomas, Partner, Hicks Thomas, LLP
Brian Keller, JDMark Lanier, Principal, Lanier Law Firm
Curtis Kantor, General Counsel, First Data Merchant Services, Inc.
John Zerr, Managing Director, General Counsel, AIM Invesco Management Group, Inc.
Warren Huang, JD, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP
Kevin O’Malley, The O’Malley Law Firm
Melanie McKenzie, The O’Malley Law Firm
Jason Powers, Partner, Powers & Slay
Heather Slay, Partner, Powers & Slay
Rick Eckerson & Tracy Eckerson, Principals, Eckerson Law Firm, LLC
John Farrell, CPA, JD, Farrell & Associates
Caddell Chapman, LLP
Michael Caddell, Partner, Caddell Chapman
Cynthia Chapman, Partner, Caddell Chapman
Josh Flynn, HCRP Treasure, Precinct Chair 330
Marilyn Vilandos Stefanides, Stefanides Firm, PC
Barbara Manousso, Manousso Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Rand Holstead
Lindsey Cohn Holstead
Anne Yankovich
Joan Neuhaus Schaan, MBA, Fellow in Homeland Security and Terrorism Rice University
Titus Harris III, Managing Director, US Capital Advisors (formerly of Sanders, Morris, Harris, Inc.)
Mara S. Henderson, CEO, Imagitek, Inc. (League City)
Dawn Henderson, Imagitek, Inc. (League City)
Louis Hoffman, CEO, Brucette’s, Inc.
Brian Kapiloff, President, INSGROUP, Inc.
George Britton, CFO, Owner, Enterprise Commercial Paving, Inc.
Brian McCabe
Phillip Davidson, Managing Director, Post Oak Energy Capital
Charles Masterson, Founder/Owner, Masterson Art Works, LLC
Phillip Davidson, Managing Director, Post Oak Energy Capital
Mike Latham, Owner, The Clock Doctor, LLC
Butch and Janet Davidson, President and CEO, Ms. Janet’s Children of the Future, Inc.
Rick Eckerson, President, Winestyles Cypress
Lisa Jane, Founder/Owner, Eden Studios
John Yankovich, CPA, Worley Parsons
Richard Lazear, PSD Consultants
Michael Sydow, JD, CEO, New Bastion Development, Inc.
Dan Perrier, Owner, Perrier Properties, LLC
Brad Prak, President, Prak Property Management, LLC
Barry Sadler, Owner, Sadler Properties, LLC
Mark Guilliams, Theadneedle, LLC
Dr. James Feldman, MD, Cardiologist
Dr. Howard Gerber, MD, Dermatologist
Dr. Alex Huynh, DDS
Dr. Kim Nguyen, DDS
Dr. Michael Leung, MD, OBGYN, Kelsey-Seybold
Dr. Debbie Leung, DDS
Dr. Monica Huang, MD
Dr. Zaher Shebib, MD
Dr. David Ho, MD
Dr. E. Kang, MD, Ph.D, PA
Janet Doremus, RN
Al Sterkx, CPA
Cindy Askew, Educators at Heart
Adam Cox, Pendleton Capital Group, Inc.
Chris Oliver, Cushman Wakefield
Wendy Rial, Owner – Interior Focus
Shauna Steffen
Gregg Steffen, CPA
Gary Barchfeld, Barchfeld Productions
Pat Pollan, Principal, Pollan Hausman Real Estate Services, LLC
Brent Johnson, CFP
Kittie Scallan, Intergulf