Joseph Reynolds Endorsement

Not knowing much about the candidates in the race for the 152nd Civil District Court, I had not planned to make any endorsement in this race and it was unclear to me for whom I should vote. Greater Houston Pachyderm had both candidates speak today and I had the opportunity to visit with each candidate afterwards.

One of the two candidates recently had reached out to me on Facebook, while the other graciously quoted me in her opening statement. They are both good people; yet I came away from that meeting with a much stronger preference for one of them for this position. To keep myself in check, I consulted a couple of others whose opinions I respect, and it turns out that we all three had come to the same conclusion: Don Self is the best candidate for the 152nd Civil District Court.

Don Self has not only a Doctorate of Jurisprudence like the other judicial candidates, but also earned a Masters of Law Degree, a higher accomplishment not well understood or appreciated outside of the legal community. We are all proud of Don’s military service, but what most impressed me was the depth and breadth of his legal experience, especially in representing elders who tend to be more vulnerable and thus merit extra legal protections under our laws. His extra commitment to education and his depth of experience and concern have convinced me that Don Self will be a prudent and thoughtful jurist who will apply the law evenly and fairly.

Joseph McReynolds
HCRP Precinct Chair, Pct. 730
HCRP Precinct Chair, Pct. 730